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LMR obtains SCL certificate level 3


As in most companies, safety is the highest priority in LMR. From the early days of drilling, we have considered safety as an important factor in our approach on our jobsites. We were the first to introduce pipe site cameras, making it possible for the driller to actually see if it is safe to move or rotate the string.

In order to comply with all legislation in this area, we have set up an HSE system, and are since long certified to the standards ISO 45001 and SCCP. But we don´t only want a top-down system where the management is telling the crew how to work safe. In our opinion a safe jobsite is best achieved when the crew know what is expected and are free to contribute to the actual execution of the works at hand. Of course, all operations must comply with current rules and regulations but when the crew are happy with the operating procedures, know what is expected and have been able to participate in the approach, the chance on any unwanted situations is greatly reduced. Of course, should it become apparent during the works that something is not safe, the works can be stopped by anybody, whether directly involved, or watching from a distance. Our records over the last years show that we have been quite successful in working safely. But we want to constantly improve in all areas, including environmental awareness, equipment and safety.

Therefore, we decided to participate in the Safety Culture Ladder, a system originating from The Netherlands. This system fits in very well with our aim of creating a culture on our jobsites, where everybody involved, is working in a safe and controlled manner. This involves everybody on the job¬site, not only our own personnel and subcontractors working directly with us, but also suppliers, visitors and other people who happen to be on our sites.

Last year we have fine tuned our systems and prepared the whole team, not only those on the job-site, but also the office staff in various departments for the final audit late 2021. We are proud to announce that we have achieved the SCL level 3. Obviously, we will continue to improve and are always looking for better ways in our operating procedures, on our way to level 4!

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